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Namn Universitet Titel, länk Datum
Peter Malmborg Stockholm Aetiology and prognosis of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease 2014-03-29
Maria Magnusson Stockholm Coagulation in children with liver disease 2013-02-15
Maja Ideström Stockholm Pathophysiological and clinical studies on Crohn’s disease in Children 2012-05-04
Susanne Schmidt Göteborg Bone mineral density in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease 2010-06-02
Heléne Lindfred Göteborg Ungdomars och deras föräldrars erfarenheter av att leva med inflammatorisk tarmsjukdom -Fokus på hälsa, självkänsla och egenvård 2010-05-21
Henrik Arnell Stockholm Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis : Clinical, biochemical, genetic and histopathological aspects 2009-11-27
Carolina Kullberg-Lindh Göteborg Opportunistic viral infection after paediatric transplantation 2009-05-08
Cecilia Olsson Umeå Celiac Disease in Swedish Children and Adolescents – Variations in Incidence and Essentials of Gluten-Free Eating with a Youth Perspective 2008-12-05
Audur Gudjonsdottir Göteborg Clinical and genetical aspects of Celiac Disease 2008-06-12
Ulrika Lorentzon Fagerberg Stockholm Fecal calprotectin in children with special reference to inflammatory bowel disease 2007-03-30
Lotta Högberg Linköping Childhood Coeliac Disease – Clinical Aspects of Heredity, Diagnosis and Dietary Therapy 2003-05-09
Ulf Jansson Göteborg Gluten challenge in children with coeliac disease, with special reference to dose dependence and impact on growth markers and growth hormone secretion 2003-04-30


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